Spence vs Peterson

Spence vs Peterson live stream online 12 rounds – welterweights (for Spence’s IBF title). Lamont Peterson especially once he stepped foot at 147 pounds. He’s a different fighter. In his good performances at 147, he has been good power of pressure fighting puncher when he fought Denton Danny Garcia. Even though he has been walking around huge with these little ass shorts. He is going to fight the pressure fighter power puncher like he did against Felix Diaz and also against Evanescence.

Spence vs Peterson Live Stream, Fight Preview

Spence vs Peterson

Spence vs Peterson Fight Schedule

Eelterweights (for Spence’s IBF title)

Date: January, 20 2018

Where: Barclays Center, Brooklyn, New York

Network: Showtime

Spence vs Peterson Fight Preview

Spence vs Peterson

Evanescence that’s the guy who beat Shane Mosley. With Danny Garcia fight where he was doing all that excessive movement and just was coming in what he wanted to know when he did come in he was successful. By the way Garcia won that fight. But how people say Lamont Peterson won he just didn’t engage enough and the saying goes to be the champ. He couldn’t win fight in that way but now he’s in unofficial tournaments of sort. Because if at this fight he dropped his WBA world title and Luke’s mateesah is fighting for that title January 2, 27th to be able to get this fight. If you don’t know there were two belts for 147. Keith Thurman had to drop that WBA world title because you can’t unify with that somewhat underling title.

IBF champion Earl Spence and basically the winner of this will go on to be in the the Keith Thurman sweepstakes. Because the WBC released yesterday that Keith Thurman has allowed one voluntary defense. He has to fight us Shawn Porter. If he wins then he has to fight the winner of brandon rios versus danny garcia. If people want to see arrows spins versus Keith Thurman which has been all the news. Keith Thurman has to choose if he beats Shawn Porter. It’s a complex situation. If Keith Thurman beats his voluntary booster standing is going to be Jesse Vargas. If he beats showing Porter, then he’ll have to fight the winner of Brandon Rios or victim and the reals or Danny Garcia. If he don’t, then he would have to fight Errol Spence.

Errol Spence said, “ My goal is to unify the welterweight division in 2018, but this fight is a true test and Lamont Peterson is a veteran that I definitely will not overlook.”

Lamont Peterson who was that IBF because a unification Trump’s a mandatory you see what I’m saying so you know arrow Spence is going to get it. They’re all outlined with fighters. All Heyman has shown us time and time again, when he wants his fighters to fight each other. Keith Thurman himself said that he hasn’t seen anything with Errol spends. His name on it. Just like Errol Spence hasn’t seen anything would keep Thurman. Spence going at Keith Thurman like that’s all, he’s asked about . Keith Thurman is ducking to him because King Thurman’s not talking about it. If Haman wants it to happen. It’ll happen. But do you feel under my Petersen has to change to win now in my opinion arrow Spencer’s the 150 for pound fighter fighting at 147 he’s huge you know he started his career you know at 154 and he gets to 147. We haven’t heard anything about him having any issues to make weight. He wears Lamont Peterson. He is a 147 pounds fighter. When he fought ever in essence. Even he was like this this pressure fighter right 24 Felix Diaz. He was this pressure fighter.

A lot of people felt he’ll he lost his fight to feel his Diaz. By the way they fought Daley Garcia. he was doing all his movement and he had these two fights in 2015. Then just one fight more than just one fight in 2017 and no fights in 2016. he’s had one fight since Evanescence well since félix díaz. If Matisse start even when CCA was considered like a beast, at the time Matisse at that point. Tom was scaring the hell out of everybody. Danny Garcia was scared of him. But now mateesah is in a situation right now where he’s trying to like find himself.

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